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Player Safety

Each Spring, Holbrook Little League provides Coach Safety Training for all incoming coaches and those coaches up for renewal. Little League requires all coaches to take this class once every three years. The class includes advice for coaches on how to manage teams (and team parents), safe/effective running of drills, practices, and games, weather safety, concussion safety, and some basic first-aid information. 

The attached Power Point presentation is the one used during the class and is provided here for your review. Please be aware that simply reviewing this slide does not qualify you to be a coach. You MUST attend the class. Also, other safety programs, such as the Rutgers safety class are NOT acceptable substitutes for this class.

Not sure if you are up for renewal? Find out here!

A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP)

Each year, Little League requires each organization to submit a safety plan. This plan is attached for your review. This plan includes much of the information presented in the safety class, as well as field layout, and field improvement plans.  

If you have any safety related questions or questions related to these programs, please contact Stacey Robinson (908) 692-9122.

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